Message from your vicar



Dear Parishioners



It is with a deep sadness that I have to inform you that no public services or activities will be taking place in our churches until further notice. However the churches will remain open for private prayer from 9am to 4pm daily. If when you enter someone else is in the church please keep social distancing and use the antibacterial sanitation provided just inside the door.

The Archbishop is providing an online and radio service this Sunday on BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship and other local BBC Radio stations.

As a Benefice we will be putting weekly sermons on our website  and also the remainder of the Lent Teaching.

There will also be resources you can use at home to worship on the website and our Morning Worship Service. All these resources I can get a hardcopy to you if you are not on the net. Please ask.

I will be going around the three churches taking Morning Prayer by myself in situ and with those churches with a bell I will ring the bell to indicate to the community that I am praying. If you can at home please stop and prayer when you hear the bell.

Pastorally it is important that we all look out for each other and keep in touch. I am putting together a list of vulnerable people and over 70’s who may need help. If you come in that category please contact me to let me know. If you are concerned about baptisms, weddings or funerals please contact me.

Please do not feel alone keep in touch, phone me please even if you just want a chat. We can get through this together and we have God with us.

The Grand Raffle for Life Spark will still go ahead  but money raised for the mission to take place next year, so please put the tickets and monies through my door.


These are unprecedented times but we can keep our faith strong praying and worshipping our Lord in a different way.

Keep Safe!

God Bless you all

With love and prayers

Rev Sue Martin

Priest in Charge